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Holistic Education Center

Holistic Education Center is established based on the School motto :Respecting God and Loving People.; The integration of body, soul, and spirituality is the core value of holistic education through humanistic, natural, social, gender equality studies, and some hidden curriculum.

Life Education aims to help students to explore and integrate their life experiences. We commit ourselves to foster understanding and respect among the various religious traditions. The chaplain provides pastoral care for students, faculty, and staff in need and promotes Catholic spirituality in the school via religious activities based on the liturgical year.

General Education includes language learning, social science, natural science, music, physical education, and the related field courses. The aim of the Chinese courses is to cultivate students・ humanity and to improve their ability of oral expression through writing competition, speech contest, story-chain contest. The Chinese courses as well promote classic and good readings to create a friendly reading campus environment. The aim of English courses is to elevate students・ English communicating abilities as well as to cultivate their humanistic qualities. Various competitions and activities, such as English singing contest, speech contest, reading contest, story-telling contest, and lunchtime English with native speakers are integrated to create an English-learning environment. Besides, social and natural science courses enhance students・ knowledge of respecting cultural diversity and international perspectives. Students can acquire knowledge through the formal, informal and hidden curriculum. The aim of music education is to enhance students・ knowledge of music and art of life. Christmas caroling, handicraft experiencing, and English singing contest are some popular hidden curriculum.

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