Educational Characteristics


1. Integrating professional and holistic curriculum

In addition to academic professional education of each department, students learn decent lifestyles, attitudes, and values through the integration of professional andholistic "humanistic, nature, and social" curriculum.

2. Liberal education conception

Student discipline takes place with respect and unbiased, and students are educated  to be self-restraint and reflective.

3. Bestowing more respects and personal choices for students

Students are encouraged to participate in the decision, advice, and consultation of school governance and activities.

4. Reinforcing classroom management through "tutorship"

Tutors directly or indirectly construct fine classroom atmosphere through lunch time break, classroom decoration, important value clarification, school policy announcement, and etc.

5. Student "service learning" accomplishment

Students learn to care for others through "service learning."

6. Parent-teacher communication & cooperation

Reinforcing parent-teacher communication through seminars in order to communicate school educational objectives to parents and to encourage parents be aware of the condition of their children in school.

7. Forming pleasant learning environment

Apart from the nice physical environment, we attempt to create a pleasant learning environment for students with free, harmonious, joyful, caring and supportive atmospheres.

8. Learning & growth of teachers

Apart from intensifying academic knowledge of teachers through conferences and seminars, teachers are encouraged to conduct action research, especially collaborative action research, in order to enhance the ability, knowledge, attitude, disposition, and value of teachers.