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Department of Nursing "Sindian & Yilan"


The Department aims to educate clinical professional nurses who are competent and trusted by patients and their families, and the public. The core competencies of nursing students are developed, which include general clinical nursing skills, basic biomedical sciences, communication and cooperation, critical thinking, caring, ethical knowledge, accountability, and lifelong learning.


The departmental characteristics are training students to be excellent nursing professionals with:

1. The emphasis on the cultivation of humanities, and the promotion of the spirit of respect and love.

2. The emphasis on professional knowledge and skill training, and clinical integration.

3. The utilization on multi-learning environment in order to increase student performance.

4. The promotion of module courses, and the enhancement of professional specialty.

5. The stimulation of obtaining 3 licenses and 1 degree certificate, and fostering life-long learning capabilities.

6. The promotion of last mile program in order to increase the employment rate.

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