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Department of Digital Media Design

The Department of Digital Media Design holds the school motto of ˇ§Respecting God, Loving Peopleˇ¨ to nurture students with art appreciation and to exercise digital technology in order to engage in creative design industries.

1.The Department of Digital Media Design provides two course modules: Multimedia art and Animated images.

2.Students graduate with professional licenses such as Visual Communication Design, Web Design, TQC-IP Photoshop, TQC-MD Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Dreamweaver.

3.In the second semester of the fourth grade, students are required to intern in relevant industries such as advertising, design, photography, and game animation.

4.Graduates may apply themselves to digital animated images or multimedia industries such as commercial design, multimedia design, advertising design, and print design. They may participate in two-year technical college programs, or transfer to related fields like digital media and art design in universities.

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