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Department of Health & Hospitality "Yilan"

The Department of Health & Hospitality was established in 2008 in response to the need and development for the booming hospitality industry. We aim to cultivate our students to be equipped with occupational skills for their future careers. In our program, we provide students with professional courses, certificates consultation and internship opportunities.

We offer courses with an emphasis in the following areas: Food and Beverage Preparation and Hotel Services. We are dedicated to personal attention to students, professionalism and practical application. Our students will have to complete a 6-month internship of industry work so that the theory is integrated with experience.

In order to meet the growing need for hospitality industry professionals, our department has signed to cooperate with over 120 companies nationwide. We seek to strengthen the links with the industries -the lodging, recreation farms, chain restaurants and etc. We are committed to providing students with a high quality and comprehensive hospitality management education so they can succeed as professionals in the field of Food & Beverage Preparation and Hotel Services. Professional courses are offered from the freshmen year so that the students are aware of the future career directions. Our curriculum is strengthened with practical as well as applied learning opportunities. We want every student to become engaged in all the classes. In a word, students are well-prepared to be successful in the wide and rapidly changing hospitality industry.

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