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Department of Early Childhood Educare "Sindian"


Focusing on theory and practice, through educational inspiration such as "childcentered,"

"exploring, discovering, and learning process" to assist students having

related licenses before graduation. "Child Care" is the motto of the departmental

educational objective for training the following child care professionals:

1. Cooperation: caring for human beings.

2. Learning professionally: possessing ability for caring for 3-6 years olds.

3. Ethics: acquiring related ethical and moral practice.

4. Consideration: concerning for community and social service.

5. Holistic Individual: obtaining pressure and temper adjustment ability.

6. Adaptation: having creativity and problem solving ability.

7. Responsibility & Development: enclosing multiple/life learning, and career exploring ability.


The departmental characteristics are:

1. focusing on the training of both knowledge and skills in order to increase student's

vocational and further study ability.

2. positive interaction with work places and cooperation, and inviting experts

participating teaching and curriculum planning to further student practicum and

career opportunity.

3. high-quality facilities for student practice and exercise.

4. emphasizing on humanity, and reinforcing body, soul and spirit wholeness.

5. establishing child care resource center for on-line study and data search.