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Department of Cosmetics Applications & Management "Sindian"

The Department of Cosmetic Applications and Management was established in 2005 to meet the increasing demand for professionals in cosmetic application and beauty. ˇ§Cosmetic application and managementˇ¨ is an applied science which combines knowledge with technology, arts, and humanities. With the Ministry of Educationˇ¦s emphasis on practical use, the objective of this department is to cultivate professional talents in cosmetic and beauty practice, creative applications and service management. In 2015, we started to launch the Industry-University Collaboration on curriculum planning to equip students with the ability to solve the future challenges in the workplace.

With the subsidies granted by the Ministry of Education, the department has a total of six professional classrooms currently. Make-up Classroom, Hair Salon, Beauty Salon and Chemistry Lab equipped with advanced instruments are not only for learning but also qualified ˇ§license examination rooms.ˇ¨ Special Project Classroom is provided for courses of special projects and cosmetic evaluation. Moreover, SPA Salon offers students with excellent working environment for internship. The above six professional classrooms are all well-equipped for students to learn and practice in the best way.

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