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Department of Oral Hygiene and Healthcare "Sindian"

Curriculum Feature

The goal of our curriculum design is train qualified oral hygiene and care services professionals. In addition to assisting dentists in clinical care, they are extended to community and long-term care areas and are expected to become professionals in oral health and care services.

Certificate / internship

1.Professional certificates
The oral hygienist (the draft oral hygienist law is currently prepared for submission to the Legislative Yuan), the dentist helper (the bill is currently in the dentist planner), the caregiver and the home service supervisor.
Planning is conducted in the last year of the five specialties. The internship places are qualified medical institutions, and 12 credits (24 credits) in each semester are required.

Diverse Access

1.Career planning
Dental assistant and medical management in dental clinics or hospital dents. Dental biotechnology companies/dental equipment company staff, and oral dentistry supplies company marketing strategy, product developers, market research staff.
Long-term care workers such as institutions, communities, homes, long-term care management centers, dementia care systems, nonprofit organizations, etc., for long-term care services or conversion units.
2.Further Education
Higher education with oral hygiene, dental technology, long-term care, gerontology health and other related majors.