Brief History

Facing the Challenge Courageously Marching towards the Future Boldly

The founder of the school, Archbishop Stanislaus LoKuang, envisioned the

necessity of establishing a nursing school after the opening of "Cardinal Tien hospital."

Therefore, the Taipei Archdiocese donated the property for "Cardinal Tien Nursing &

Midwife Vocational Senior High School" in 1971 in remembrance and adoration of

Bishop Tien Ken-Hsin who was the first Archbishop in Asia.

The school was upgraded in 2001 as "Cardinal Tien Junior College of Nursing." It

commenced with a single department, the department of Nursing. Then the departments

of "Early Childhood Educare," "Cosmetic Applications & Management," and

"Information Management" were subsequently launched. The school was renamed

"Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare & Management" in February 2007 with the

continuation of fundamental nursing education and simultaneously taking into account

the expansion of "holistic" education. Therefore, in order to con firm with the societal

changes and work place demands, the entire direction of the school promotion has

shifted from a single nursing professional training to "holistic" health management

education. The Yilan Division of the school was established in August 2008 along with

the departments of "Nursing," "Cosmetic Applications & Management," and "Health

& Leisure management." In August 2009, the department of "Media Arts" will be

launched in Yilan Division.

The school mid-term vision is upgrading to technical college and then to university

as the long-term vision. "Health management" is core for current school development in

order to educate excellent humanistic and scienti  fic health related professionals.