The Characteristics of School Enrollment

     Founded by the Catholic Church in 1971, the school was renamed ¡§Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management¡¨ in 2007. In the same year, the school launched the Yilan Campus, in addition to the Xindian Campus. The four main directions of school enrollment school are healthcare, health and cosmetic, health and recreation, and health and information. Together, the two campuses consist of the Departments of Nursing, Early Childhood Educare, Cosmetics Applications & Management, Oral Hygiene and Healthcare starting academic year 2017, Health & Hospitality, and Digital Media Design.

     The purpose of the school is to teach applied sciences and techniques, and to cultivate god-respecting, people-loving talent with practical health-related ability. Apart from students¡¦ professional knowledge, the school attaches importance to moral education, which is the foundation of a church school, and to the realization of ¡§whole-person education¡¨, striving to cultivate talent useful to society. Meanwhile, the school offers various deductions or reductions of tuition and miscellaneous fees, free accommodation for those from low-income households, emergency relief funds, scholarships from Cardinal Tien Hospital, and on-campus job opportunities to create a campus atmosphere that allows all students to study at ease.

     Through professional off-campus internship, the school has actively cooperated with the industry, while working in alliance with Cardinal Tien Hospital and the Catholic Church, so as to enrich its teaching resources and achieve the goal of ¡§learning from doing.¡¨ This can ensure students a steady employment upon graduation.