The Logo of the "Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management" is composed by attaching four crosses unto the four sides of a cross. It represents the strength of the Scholl Motto " Revere the Divine and Love the Human." Commence from "appreciating nature" to "respecting God," from "accepting self" to "loving people," and from "physical" to achieve "spiritual" in order to attain the ultimate goal of healthy development of body, soul and spirit.


     The connotations of the Logo are: The Upper Cross symbolizes "the higher existence" that men should "Obey God" then "Be one with God." The Lower Cross symbolizes the "earth" that men should appreciate the earth. The Middle Cross symbolizes "men" that men should pursue the "eternal true self" through the "limited fleshly self." The Left and Right Crosses symbolize "neighbors" that men should care for and communicate the love of God to people. I wish all the staff and students of "Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management" achieve the utmost ambition of God and men in one through the above inspiration of the Logo.