School Development

     Our schoolˇ¦s educational philosophy combines with the spirit of technical and vocational education, which aims to be pragmatic and to take care of the inferior. In addition, to respond accordingly to the five great ideas of promoting 12-year compulsory education: teaching without prejudicial discrimination, adaptation to individual differences in learning environments, talent development, multiple enrollment, and high quality pathway programs, we keep implementing the established systems and actively developing the characteristics of our school.

     Our school is established to teach students applied science and technology, as well as to cultivate nursing and health professionals with the concept of respecting God and loving people, which is our school motto. ˇ§HEALTHˇ¨ is our school mission, which respectively stands for Humanity, Ethics, Advance, Learning, Technique, and Healing. Hopefully, students are able to graduate with good moral character, professional competence and faith of life.

     In response to the trend of fewer children, aging population, the impact of the twelve-year public education program, information dissemination, and the emphasis on health promotion and the comprehensive care of body, mind and spirit, the school is based on "health management" for the development of the spindle. The developments are divided into four main areas. In health care, there are the departments of Nursing and Infant and Child Educare. In health information, there are the departments of Digital Media Design and Information Management. In health leisure, there is the department of Health and Hospitality. In health and beauty, there are the departments of Cosmetics Applications and Management.

     School development goes with school mission to plan and promote the policy, and carries out the spirit of self-governance. With "Magis Cardinal Tien: upgrade students learning effectiveness oriented of teaching quality" as the core (Figure 1), we go towards "Deepening Cardinal Tien: review the core value and the constancy and the policy of constancy and forethought, "Diligence Cardinal Tien: exploit high effectiveness of action and assessment value" and "Glory Cardinal Tien: show out the results of the spread and innovation." The school upgrades the teaching quality to highlight the schoolˇ¦s aims and characteristics and to improve studentsˇ¦ learning outcomes, then the students can contribute what they learn to the society.

     Since the inauguration of President Shiau in year 2011, the management of the school emphasized partner relationship and thinking-mode culture (Figure 2: partnership culture and professional qualified clinic mode). School development strategy is based on the core value of the school and through school development system (Figure 3: School development flow chart), the school integrates with outer resources and trends with the analysis of SWOT. School then constructs the developing system and designs it with short-term and long-term stands (Figure 4: 102~104 College academic year school development design chart). In the face of the changes in social values, educational policy, 12 compulsory educations, fewer children, school management team exerts hard to preserve the core value. In 102~104 school short-term and long-term plan, we sets up five objectives and 28 action strategies. We executive routine school promotion, implement self-govern mechanism and endeavor to external plans. All plans are followed by PDCA principles. Through self-evaluation and internal control, we hope to upgrade school administrative quality, simplify school development in more systematic ways with the pursuit of the core value and to fulfill the goal of the school.